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Hello friends, as usual today I have come to you with a new topic. Today’s post is arranged for all those friends who are having many problems or troubles related to land. If you want to know about any land plot number, khatian number and land ownership issues then you are at the right place.

Here you will find solution to all your land related problems. Bangladesh Ministry of Lands has developed a website called e-Porcha www.eporcha.gov.bd. Where they provide many types of services including land khatian number, daag number, ownership, mauza map, land service.

If you want to check your land mark number and ownership then you can check it through mobile phone or computer wherever you are. For that you have to follow some rules. If you follow the rules given on this page, you will get all the information related to your land very easily.

Online land ownership verification process

The present age is the age of information technology. Bangladesh is also far ahead in terms of information technology. Now everything is available at hand. If you want to buy and sell any land, then you can easily verify the original ownership of the land.

If you have a smart phone then download and install the e-paper apps. After installing you enter these apps and click on the citizen corner button. A form like below will appear. Here select your category district khatian type csssars etc upazila mouza.

In the Khatian No. field: Type the Captcha number in the Khatian number and captcha code field and click on the search button.

If the information you provided is correct then you will see the name of the land owner. You can get the online copy of Khatian or certified copy online.

Rules for collection of certified copies

If you are busy or out of country for any reason, then you can collect online copy or certified copy online. Moreover, online copies can be collected by post.

When you apply online, at the end of the application, click on the option to get khatian or e-form below. If you have an urgent need, you can get emergency services through this website. For that you must tick the application form urgent option.

E Form Online Application 2022

Read our article carefully from start to end to apply e-porcha online and follow the instructions.

Mauza Map Online Application Rules

You can apply for Mauza Map online. If for any reason you need Mauza map then you can visit the official page of e-portcha and click on citizen corner button.

After clicking, a form like below will appear, select your category, map type, upazila/circle, mouza, seat or spot number and then click on the search button. If the information provided by you is correct then you will get Mouza map online.

Bhumi Seva Hot Line Number

Land matters you may need to know. You may not get correct information from the village madbar or broker. E-Porcha www.eporcha.gov.bd (E-Porcha) Login Khatian

In this situation we suggest that you call Bhumi Seva Hotline for any matter or problem related to your land.

The hot line number is 16122

Process of verification of land related information through mobile. You can easily find the landlord by searching the e-Porcha web site. In that case, you need to know a few things. For example, when searching the web site, you have to enter the name of upazila, district and village in a specific place. Then you can know how many records there are in that name only by searching with the correct name of the record owner or the correct name of the father of the record owner. Again, if you search by writing the land deed or khatian, only the name of the owner of that khatian or land will be shown.

SA Khatian

SA khatian is the khatian or paper that was prepared in 1956-1963 according to section 27 to 31 of the State Acquisition and Tenancy Act of 1950 is the SA paper or khatian. To put it a little more simply, the khatian prepared after the enactment of the Zamindari Acquisition and Tenancy Act in 1950 is called SA khatian. Some call this Khatian the record of 56 or 56 Khatian. If for some reason you lose this certificate, how can you collect the SA certificate from your mobile phone today?

How to collect SA Khatian at home

If you lost your SA khatian due to any reason and looking for SA khatian or 56 record then this article is for you. From now on you can download any piece of land in a heartbeat. You can collect any voucher with your mobile. You can get the lost SA slip at home. Now you can download the khatian and keep it.

Other services

Bangladesh government has added many more services to the online land service. That is-

1. E nomenclature
2. Citizen corner.
3. Namjari Trucking.
4. Land development tax.
5. Digital Land Records.
6. Rent Certificate Cases.
7. Budget management.
8. Grievance Redressal Management.
9. Legacy app.
10. There are various steps to view pamphlets online or collect any pamphlet from online with e-book app.

Hope this article will help you with all your land related problems. Stay tuned to our page for updates on land – Thanks. E-Porcha E-Porcha E-Porcha E-Porcha E-Porcha E-Porcha E-Porcha E-Porcha E-Porcha E-Porcha


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