How to get a Student visa for USA
Student visa for USA

How to get a Student visa for USA ?

How to get a Student visa for USA 

Every year, many global college students observe to US colleges in order to find out about full-time in the US. But to attend faculty in the States, you want extra than simply proper grades — you want a US pupil visa. Unfortunately, the procedure for acquiring a visa can be complicated, which is why we’re right here to help.

Student visa for USA 
Student visa for USA

In this guide, we will go over the fundamentals of visas and how to get a scholar visa to the US. We’ll additionally supply you a handful of suggestions and sources you can use to make sure your visa utility system proceeds smoothly.

What Is a US Student Visa? Do You Need One?

In order to legally attend faculty in the US, all worldwide candidates — that is, these barring US citizenship or everlasting house — ought to first achieve a US pupil visa. This worldwide scholar visa permits you to live quickly in the US in order to attend an permitted school, language program, or tutorial trade program.

Your scholar visa ends as soon as you entire your program. At that time, you need to go away the US. (However, you might also later return to the US as a traveler or on every other visa, such as a work visa.)

There are three sorts of US pupil visas:

F-1 visa

This visa is for excessive faculty or college/university (including language program) learn about in the US, making use of to each undergraduate and graduate students.

M-1 visa:

This visa is for nonacademic or vocational find out about in the US. Such packages are commonly brief time period and profession focused. For example, you may want to attend a culinary college or a clinical coaching program.

J-1 visa:

This visa is for alternate visitors, such as find out about overseas students, scholars, interns, and au pairs.
Generally speaking, global college students who want to learn about full-time in an undergraduate or graduate application will want an F-1 visa. By contrast, if you are involved in reading overseas for solely a semester or two at a US organization (and choose to get hold of credit that go towards your domestic institution), you will want to follow for a J-1 visa.

When Should You Apply for a US Student Visa?

Student visa for USA 
Student visa for USA

You might also solely observe for a scholar visa after you’ve utilized for and been ordinary to an SEVP-approved school. SEVP stands for the Student Exchange and Visitor Program. All US faculties that join F-1 and/or M-1 students should be licensed via this program. Once you’ve secured admission to the college you want to attend, you can start the visa software process.

Note that you should acquire your visa earlier than your application begin date. While you can get hold of your US scholar visa up to one hundred twenty days earlier than your application begin date, you might also now not tour to the US on this visa until 30 days earlier than your begin date.

US Student Visa Application Checklist For International Student

Before we provide an explanation for how to follow for a pupil visa, let’s quickly go over the precise gadgets you have to have in order.


Every worldwide pupil need to possess a legitimate passport issued with the aid of his or her domestic country. This passport ought to additionally be legitimate till at least six months past the quit date of your application in the US. So any passport that will expire for the duration of your remain in the US or quickly after your software ends may also no longer be used. Rather, you will want to observe for a new passport and use that one instead.

Passport techniques and expenses range through country. Check your country’s authorities internet site for small print on acquiring or renewing a passport.

Passport-Style Photograph

As phase of your application, you should put up a latest (within the previous six months) passport-style photograph. This will be your visa photograph, which you will later add and put up with your on line visa application.

The US visas internet site presents particular directions on how to take and add a visa photograph, as nicely as examples of appropriate and unacceptable photographs. Be conscious that as of November 2016, glasses are no longer allowed in visa photographs.


You’ll want to have a first rate sum of cash on hand so that you can pay the more than a few visa-related fees. We’ll talk about in greater element what these expenses are and how to pay them later. But as a short overview, right here are the required prices for a US pupil visa:

  • I-901 SEVIS fee – This price is 350 USD for F-1/M-1 college students and 220 USD for J-1 college students (or 35 USD for these getting into non permanent J-1 programs). All candidates need to pay this fee.
  • Visa utility fee – This price is a hundred and sixty USD. All candidates ought to pay this fee.
  • Visa issuance rate – This charge is solely required for candidates of sure nationalities. You can see whether or not you are required to pay a visa issuance price with the aid of going to the US visas website.

How to Get a Student Visa: 10-Step Guide

Now that you recognize the primary objects you’ll want to have ready, let’s stroll via how to observe for a scholar visa, one step at a time.

Student visa for USA 
Student visa for USA


The software manner for an F-1 visa is equal to that for an M-1 visa and comparable to that for a J-1 visa. As a result, the visa manner described under may also be used for all three kinds of US pupil visas. If you have any questions about your visa type or how to practice for one, seek advice from the US visas website.

Apply and Get Accepted to a US School

The first step is to practice (and subsequently reap admission) to a US school. Most full-time undergraduate and graduate applications in the US require functions to be submitted with the aid of December or January every year. Schools generally ship out admission notifications round March and April.

As I noted previously, the faculties you follow to have to be accredited by using SEVP. To locate an SEVP-approved faculty or to affirm that the colleges you’ve got chosen are in truth licensed by way of SEVP, use the SEVP faculty search tool.

J-1 college students will most probable observe for alternate packages thru their domestic institutions. You might also additionally seem to be for specific sponsor businesses on line at the legit J-1 visa website.

Receive Form I-20 or DS-2019 From Your School

Once admitted to a school, you will obtain one of two forms: F-1 and M-1 college students will acquire Form I-20 Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status, and J-1 college students will get hold of Form DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status.

Your college will mail the suitable structure to you. On your shape will be your SEVIS ID, your school’s address, and different quintessential statistics concerning your program. You will want this shape for your visa interview we provide an explanation for the interview procedure extra in step 8 and to pay positive expenses which we talk about subsequent in step 3.

Pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee

Once you get hold of your I-20 or DS-2019 structure from your school, go on-line and pay the I-901 SEVIS fee. Once again, this rate is 350 USD for F-1/M-1 college students and 220 USD for J-1 students. Those collaborating in momentary J-1 visa packages will pay solely 35 USD.

Most college students except these from Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, or Nigeria can pay this price on line via savings card. Note that the I-901 SEVIS rate is separate from your visa utility price which we give an explanation for greater in step 7.

Once you’ve got paid this fee, print out your affirmation page, as you’ll want to carry it to your visa interview.

Find Your Nearest US Embassy or Consulate

You ought to follow for your worldwide scholar visa via your nearest US embassy or consulate (ideally, in the metropolis or place in which you live). You can search for US embassies and consulates on-line thru the US Department of State.

Be conscious that US scholar visa strategies may additionally range barely relying on the embassy thru which you apply. This capacity that at some embassies, you can also want to post extra documentation with your visa application. For greater small print on what you may want to submit, go to your embassy’s authentic internet site or contact your embassy directly.

Complete Form DS-160 Online

Next, whole the Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application, additionally acknowledged as Form DS-160. To efficiently fill out this form, be positive you have the following gadgets on hand:

  • Your passport
  • A visa graphic (to upload)
  • Form I-20 or DS-2019

In addition, you might also want to supply:

  • A journey itinerary (if you’ve already made tour plans to the US)
  • The dates of your closing 5 visits to the US (if applicable) and/or proof of your worldwide tour records inside the previous 5 years
  • A resume or CV
  • Additional records relying on your reason for travel

On this application, you will additionally pick the US embassy at which you intend to interview for your visa.

You should fill out the whole shape in English, barring when requested to enter your full title in your native alphabet. Translations are accessible on the structure for these who have concern appreciation the English instructions. If you have any extra questions about how to fill out this form, go to the respectable DS-160 FAQ page.

Once you’ve got performed this structure and submitted it online, print out your affirmation web page to carry to your visa interview.

Schedule Your Visa Interview

After you have submitted Form DS-160, contact your nearest US embassy or consulate (ideally, the one you enter on your on-line application) to agenda your visa interview.

Wait instances for interviews differ relying on the embassy. Go to the US visas internet site to see the wait instances for your embassy.

Pay Your Visa Application Fee

Next, pay the a hundred and sixty USD utility fee. This charge is the equal fee regardless of your u . s . of starting place and the place you apply.

When you pay this price will fluctuate relying on your embassy. Although many embassies require candidates to pay the utility charge earlier than their interviews, now not all do. Your embassy ought to train you as to when and how you will want to pay your visa utility fee. If your embassy requires you to pay this price earlier than your interview, be positive to deliver your receipt as proof of charge to your interview.

Attend Your Visa Interview

The remaining massive step in the visa procedure is the interview. This interview will be the identifying aspect as to whether or not you will get hold of a US pupil visa or not.

Before attending your interview, acquire the following objects and information:

  • Your passport
  • One reproduction of your visa graphic
  • Your printed DS-160 affirmation page
  • Your printed I-901 SEVIS rate affirmation page
  • Your visa utility price price receipt
  • Form I-20 for F-1/M-1 students, or Form DS-2019 for J-1 college students

Your precise embassy may also require extra varieties and documentation, such as:

  • Official transcripts from colleges/universities you’ve attended
  • Diplomas/degrees from excessive schools/colleges/universities you have attended
  • Standardized check rankings (if required by using your US school)
  • Proof of enough funds
  • Proof of your intent to leave the US at the give up of your program

You will endure a safety take a look at and furnish digital, ink-free fingerprints, generally proper after you arrive at your interview.

During the interview, you will be requested a vary of questions in English. These questions will usually center of attention on why you desire to learn about at the faculty you have chosen and what you intend to do after the application finishes. It is vital to really nation that you do now not intend to stay in the US as soon as you entire your program. Websites such as International Student and Happy Schools provide vast lists of pattern questions you might also be requested all through your interview.

If your interview is successful, your embassy will then inform you when and how it will return your passport (with your new visa) to you. (To get your visa, you need to go away your passport with your embassy.)

Pay the Visa Issuance Fee (If Required)

Some college students need to pay a visa issuance rate as soon as they have been permitted for a US pupil visa. Whether this price is required or no longer relies upon on your nationality and your country’s reciprocity settlement with the US. The US visas internet site presents a chart you can use to see whether or not you have to pay a visa issuance fee.

Receive Your Visa

Once you’ve accomplished all of the steps above and have acquired approval for an global pupil visa to the US, your embassy will return your passport to you with your new visa in it. Note that some embassies will require you to come in character to pick out it up, whereas others will mail it at once lower back to you.

Visa processing instances will range relying on your embassy. You can get an estimate as to how lengthy your visa will take to system by using going to the US visas website.

What If You Are Denied a US Student Visa?

Student visa for USA 
Student visa for USA

According to the US visas website, most functions for US visas are approved. That said, in rare cases, you may additionally be denied an global pupil visa. This usually solely occurs when you fail to fulfill a sure requirement earlier than or throughout your interview.

Here are some examples of issues possibly to make you ineligible for a US scholar visa:

  • You do now not grant proof of ample funds. This is stated to be one of the essential motives college students are regularly denied scholar visas to the US. Although you aren’t always anticipated to have adequate cash to ultimate you the complete period of your program, you must possess proof of enough cash (in liquid assets) for at least one tutorial year.
  • You do no longer grant proof of your intent to go away the US as soon as your software ends. The US authorities wants to make certain that you will now not (intentionally or accidentally) overstay your visa.
  • Therefore, you should furnish ample proof of your intent to return to your domestic us of a as soon as you end your program.
  • You do no longer ignore the safety check. Though this may additionally be obvious, committing sure crimes can make you ineligible for a US visa.
  • You do no longer convey all required objects to your interview. Failure to deliver all required items, such as your passport, receipts, and reputable visa-related documents, may additionally end result in a visa rejection.
  • You fail to exhibit up to your interview. If you are late to your interview or really fail to exhibit up, your software for a visa might also be rejected.
  • You follow for a US scholar visa too late. Applying for your visa with too little time earlier than your software begins will most possibly make you ineligible for a pupil visa. This is in the main due to the fact your visa might not turn out to be reachable to you till after your software begin date.

This listing highlights some of the many motives global college students are denied US visas. If your utility for a scholar visa is rejected, your embassy will inform you why. Unfortunately, you can’t get your cash lower back in the case of a rejection. Moreover, embassies will now not reevaluate visa applications, so if you are rejected, you have to repeat the procedure above in order to reapply for a scholar visa.

In the end, visa rejections are no longer common. As lengthy as you do the entirety you want to do and comply with the steps we have given you, you must have no trouble acquiring a US scholar visa!

Tips for Ensuring a Smooth Visa Application Process

You now recognize how to get a scholar visa — however how can you make positive you may not face any troubles alongside the way? Follow our three guidelines beneath to make sure that your visa software method proceeds besides hassle.

Student visa for USA 
Student visa for USA

Start Early

Applying for your visa with too little time earlier than your software begins will most possibly end result in a visa rejection, so strive to follow for a pupil visa as quickly as you are usual and have obtained Form I-20 or Form DS-2019 from your school.

If you are making use of to more than one US schools, I suggest ready to observe for a visa till you have obtained admission notifications from all of your schools, or till you have obtained an acceptance to your top-choice school. Doing this lets in you to weigh your preferences and select the fine college for you.

Don’t Buy a Plane Ticket Until You Have Your Visa

Although it’s a accurate thought to begin the scholar visa software manner early, it is first-class now not to purchase any airplane tickets till after you’ve got acquired your visa in view that there may be no assurance that your utility will be approved.

If you buy a airplane ticket beforehand of time and are then rejected for a US pupil visa, you will most probably no longer get hold of a full refund for your airfare. (Refund insurance policies fluctuate relying on the airline, however generally you can’t get a full refund if you cancel greater than 24 hours after reserving a flight.)

Contact Your Embassy If You Have Questions

The visa software system described above is the established technique for securing an F-1, M-1, or J-1 global scholar visa to the US. That said, you may additionally locate that your visa method differs barely from the steps described above. Usually, this is due to variations in how US embassies pick to take care of or manner sure information.

As a result, constantly direct any questions or worries you have about the visa technique to your closest embassy. Your embassy is arms down the satisfactory aid for questions about fees, the interview, and different visa-related matters.

Additional Resources for International Students

If you choose clarification or more education on sure factors of the US visa utility process, right here are a few professional sources we suggest using:


US Visas Official Website

This internet site is an reliable authorities internet site that covers the entirety you want to recognize about pupil visas, along with how to follow for them, what types of visa insurance policies there are, etc. Some magnificent pages to seem at if you have questions are the US visa FAQ and the visa expenses pages.

Study in the States

This respectable authorities internet site is run by way of the US Department of Homeland Security. By clicking on the “Students” tab at the pinnacle of the page, you’ll get lots of facts on how to practice for a scholar visa, how to put together for your arrival, and how to hold your F-1 or M-1 visa status. You can additionally get the rundown of all of the primary scholar types you’ll need to fill out for your US scholar visa.

Education USA

This authorities internet site run via the US Department of State helps global college students navigate feasible US schools, funding options, the visa utility process, and more.

J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program

The J-1 visa can be a little difficult for students, as it applies to non-students as well. Use this internet site to examine greater about what the J-1 visa entails and how you can practice for one.

How to get a Student visa for USA How to get a Student visa for USA How to get a Student visa for USA How to get a Student visa for USA How to get a Student visa for USA How to get a Student visa for USA How to get a Student visa for USA How to get a Student visa for USA How to get a Student visa for USA How to get a Student visa for USA How to get a Student visa for USA How to get a Student visa for USA How to get a Student visa for USA

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