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A visa is a kind of respectable file or authorization certificates in your passport that shows that you can enter, depart and remain in a unique USA for a certain length of time or permanently. This can be a separate certificates with a stamp recognized in your passport. The visa is issued by means of the immigration authority of a overseas u . s . a . after all your credentials are true checked and verified. Once you get a visa it capability you can enter a USA and remain there for a distinct length of time. However, permission acquired thru a visa is transient and challenge to the approval of the immigration officer at the factor of entry.

Types of Visa in India

There are different types of visas issued by immigration authorities of a country which include –

  • Residence Visa
  • Single entry Visa
  • Business visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Multiple Entry Visa
  • Long Stay Visa
  • Visa on Arrival
  • Short Stay visa
  • Work Visa
  • Electronic Visa etc.

A single entry visa is solely legitimate for one go to to a specific USA whilst a more than one entry visa permits any variety of visits to a precise u . s . inside its validity period.

Business visas are issued to candidates for temporary visits to habits enterprise negotiations abroad.

Tourist visa is primarily for journeying from one USA to another.

A Residence visa permits for an prolonged remain in a precise country. But he does no longer permit to take jobs in the country.

A work Permit visa permits you to remain and work in a particular united states of America for a precise length of time. This kind of visa is additionally regarded as work allow visa.

Electronic visas are no longer issued as certificates. Rather the permission is recorded on a computer.

Apart from the well-known classes of visas, there are numerous subclasses of visas issued via exceptional nations such as medial visa, transit visa, working vacation visa etc. Visas are categorized primarily based on the motive of your tour and the technique of visa issuance Done.

How to follow for visa?

You can practice for visa each on-line and offline. In case of offline visa application, typically you want to down load the utility shape and fill it with required details. Then, you want to publish the accomplished utility structure supported by way of all imperative certificates to your respective visa software center. Different nations might also have one-of-a-kind software techniques for making use of for a visa. Many nations may additionally now not be given offline visa applications. Also, the fee of making use of for a visa additionally varies from united states to country.

How do I test my visa fame online?

Visa popularity can be checked online. To take a look at your visa popularity online, you want to go to the visa fame inquiry area of a precise consulate and furnish some information. To test your passport visa status, you may additionally want to grant the following information:

  • Application ID
  • Passport number

You can tune your visa fame through touring third-party web sites and getting into your passport quantity and date of birth. It is very effortless to song your visa popularity the usage of your passport number.

Visa Provisions

Type of Visa Period for which Visa is Granted Type of Entry Required Documents for Application

Is the Visa extendable in India?


Tourist Visa 5 years Multiple Entry Applicants need to provide proof regarding their financial standing, that is, return ticket and sufficient money to spend during their stay in the country. No, Visa is not extendable.
2. Transit Visa 15 days Single Entry/Double Entry Confirmed ticket for onward journey.

No, this Visa is not extendable.


Business Visa Maximum of 5 years Multiple Entry Documents that are proof of benefit purpose such as a letter from the company and so on, along with proof of their financial standing. Yes, this Visa can be extended.
4. Employment Visa 1 year/ period of contract Multiple Entry Documents that prove employment, such as document of appointment.

Yes, this Visa can be extended.


Student Visa 5 years or the period of the course, whichever is less 3 entries per the academy year Admission proof in an Indian Institution along with letter of support from the guardian or parent. In addition to the above, applicants will also have to furnish a guarantee certificate from the bank regarding their financial standing. Yes, this Visa can be extended.
6. ‘X’ entry Visa for foreigners who are of Indian origin 5 years Multiple Entry Proof that the applicant is of Indian origin.

Yes, this Visa can be extended.


Intern 1 year or for the duration of the internship Single, double, or multiple Letter from the company providing internship, or educational institution permitting the student for internship No, this visa cannot be extended
8. Film 1 year or duration of the shooting according to the schedule submitted Single, double, or multiple Detailed shooting script in case of a feature film or the detail concept in case of a tv show, detail of the crew visiting, letter of intent

Yes, this visa can be extended

Required Identification Papers List

Given under is the listing of identification papers that are crucial to set up an individual’s identification as Bhutanese, Nepalese or a citizen of India in case they are coming into Bhutan, Nepal or India by way of air.

For Indian Nationals:

  • A National Passport that is valid.
  • Photo ID card that has been furnished through the Indian authorities or State authorities or Union Territory
  • Administration to their employees/Voter ID card furnished with the aid of the Election Commission of India.
  • Emergency Certificate that has been furnished with the aid of the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu.
  • Identity Certificate that has been supplied through the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu.
  • Individuals above the age of sixty five or beneath the age of 15 will no longer have to supply accredited files of identification however will have to furnish a report with their picture confirming their identification and age such as Driving License, CGHS Card, PAN Card and Ration Card and so on.
  • Children who are between the a long time of 15 to 18 can also be allowed to tour between Nepal/Bhutan and
  • India primarily based on the identification Certificate supplied via their School Principal.

For Bhutanese/Nepalese Nationals:

  • Valid National Passport.
  • Certificate of Nepalese Citizenship for Nepalese nationals.
  • Certificate of Bhutanese Citizenship for Bhutanese nationals.
  • Voter Identification Card for Nepalese nationals that has been issued through the Election Commission of Nepal.
  • Voter Identification Card for Bhutanese nationals that has been issued via the Election Commission of Bhutan.
  • When necessary, folks will have to furnish a photo-identity certificates that is of constrained validity. This report will have to be issued via the Royal Nepalese Mission in India.
  • When necessary, folks will have to furnish a photo-identity certificates that is of constrained validity. This file will have to be issued by using the Royal Bhutanese Mission in India.
  • For youth between the a long time of 10 to 18, a photograph identification card furnished by way of the
  • Principal of their School is wanted as lengthy as dad and mom have legitimate journey certificates and documents. For youngsters under the age of 10, such archives are now not required.


Apply For Visas For Different Countries

USA Visa

There might also be a range of motives for which you might also want to journey to the USA. The us of a affords round 185 one of a kind kinds of visas and there are two extraordinary sorts of visa classes which encompass – immigrant visa and non-immigrant visa. The US visa utility manner may additionally differ from united states of America to country. Indians can follow for two kinds of visas – immigrant visa and non-immigrant visa, and their special techniques for making use of for both.

Australian Visa

Australia is a famous vacation spot that is often visited through humans from all over the world. However, in order to go to the country, there are positive documentary prerequisites that should be met. We are of path speaking about a visa, which is the file required to enter the country. When making use of for an Australian visa, you want to meet positive standards and make sure that you observe for the right visa as there are additionally variations based totally on the cause of your go to to the country.

When making use of for a visa you will have the choice of making use of for a work visa or a house visa or even a go to visa however earlier than you begin planning your remain you want to recognize what goes into getting a visa. To get a visa to Australia, you want to make sure that you have utilized for the right visa and submitted all the required documents. You may additionally be required to pay a visa fee, which will be decided through the kind of visa you are making use of for. You can see all the small print about this visa in our Australian visa section.

UK Visa

Many humans from all over the world desire to journey to UK. To enter the UK, you want a visa until you are a resident of a USA that is exempt from making use of for a visa. There are distinctive sorts of visas issued by means of the UK relying on the reason of your travel. Indians can fill visa utility form, pay rate and e book appointment on-line at visa utility center. When you go to the visa utility center, make positive you elevate all the integral files with you.

Canada Visa

Canada is one of the most famous locations in the world and many humans design to go to the united states of America for a number reasons. Some go there for studies, some for work and some for tourism or to go to their pals and relatives. You want a visa to enter the country. Indians can practice for a Canadian visa through downloading the on line software form, printing it and then submitting it alongside with the required archives to the neighborhood Canada Visa Application Centre.

Schengen Visa

The Schengen location consists of 26 countries, which have agreed to permit free motion of their residents inside the area. Out of these 26 countries, four nations are phase of EFTA and 22 nations are section of EU. You want a Schengen visa to enter the Schengen area. Indians can observe for Schengen visa at any consulate workplace in 26 countries.

Kuwait visa

Kuwait is a developing range of Indians travelling Kuwait for employment, tourism and enterprise reasons. All overseas nationals besides GCC nationals will require a passport and a visa to enter Kuwait A overseas country wide whose united states holds a “Visa Waiver Agreement” with Kuwait will be granted reciprocal rights with Kuwait. In truth all global flights that journey to Kuwait are directed to any overseas nationals who do now not have a legitimate visa or entry permit. If you are making use of for a work visa, or if it is a traveler visa or go to visa, the resort you e book might also act as your sponsor.

Turkey Visa

Turkey is a USA that provides the excellent ride in phrases of its geographical splendor which is special and unforgettable. Although there are many motives for overseas human beings to go to Turkey, a visa is required for most nationalities. Usually one can get a traveler visa or a commercial enterprise visa to go to Turkey. However, if you want a pupil visa or any other kind of visa, you will want to follow at a Turkish embassy or consulate. Online e-Visa software for single entry to Turkey will price Rs 3,930 and Rs 13,100 for a couple of entry. Once you follow for a visa, your visa will be accepted inside 2-3 working days.

Malaysia visa

Foreign nationals who want to go to Malaysia ought to have a visa. Malaysia, one of the quickest developing nations overall, has many humans from all over the world who go to Malaysia for quite a number reasons, which leads to one of a kind kinds of visas being issued for unique reasons. Visa on Arrival (VOA) is one of the most frequent kinds of visas issued with the aid of most countries, and Malaysia additionally presents possibilities for overseas nationals to achieve a VOA.

From 01 October 2015, Indian and Chinese nationals from 0.33 celebration international locations are eligible for VOA on positive class basis. One can practice for Malaysia visa via on line or offline. You have to down load the utility shape and fill all the fields referred to in the utility form. Then, as soon as you publish it, it will take at least 6-7 working days to get your visa. Click here: Malaysia Visa

Dubai Visa

With the recognition of being one of the quickest developing cities in the world, Dubai is a location that most of us choose to go to at least as soon as in our lifetime. To tour to Dubai, a overseas countrywide have to have a passport and a visa. Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) residents solely want a passport and countrywide identification card to enter the UAE, however non-GCC vacationers need to make sure they have all the files required by using their respective countries. Indian citizens who have an American inexperienced card or a legitimate American. Can observe for 14 days visa on arrival at Dubai airport.

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