Study in Europe
Study in Europe

Study in Europe

Study in Europe

High-ranking universities, secure countries, life like lessons fees, and fascinating culture. There are many motives to learn about in Europe. Here we reply all frequent questions.


Why study in Europe?

There are many motives to learn about in Europe:

High rating universities:

According to Times Higher Education University World Rankings 2022 over one-third of the highest-ranking universities in the world are primarily based in Europe, such as the quantity one college in the world, the University of Oxford. Many high-ranking universities can be located in international locations like the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. But pinnacle a hundred faculties can additionally be determined in France, Belgium, Sweden, and Denmark.

Low lessons fees:

Tuition expenses in Europe are decrease than in America and Oceania. Do you assume university lessons in the US is too expensive? Consider analyzing remote places instead, it is generally more cost effective for an American pupil to find out about in Europe than to find out about out of country in the US. Students from EU international locations have the most favorable expenditures and can find out about for free in some international locations in northern Europe. However, many of the most inexpensive packages are solely on hand in the native language.

Safe countries:

European international locations are normally a lot safer than the Americas, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Crime in opposition to global college students is uncommon so you don’t have to worry. Just use frequent experience if you find out about in a massive city.

Easy to get around:

Public transportation is desirable in most components of Europe so you don’t want a auto to get around. A Schengen scholar visa permits you to tour freely inside the Schengen nations so you can discover many European international locations barring making use of for extra visas.


The historic world gives many attractions consisting of beautiful architecture, charming ancient streets, tremendous churches, and well-known landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower. Southern Europe has some of the satisfactory meals in the world. In Europe, there is constantly some thing new to explore.

What can you study in Europe?

The most famous packages for global college students in Europe are:

Language Training:

Europe consists of many international locations with their personal awesome languages. There is no higher way to examine a new language than in the u . s . a . the place it is spoken and practiced internal and outdoor the classroom. Take the chance to learn about French in France, German in Germany, Spanish in Spain or Italian in Italy. We can assist you! You can take a language route from two weeks to 1 yr with begin dates each Monday.

Study Abroad Semester:

Do you choose to learn about in English for one or two semesters in Europe? You can get assist reading abroad-semester in many European international locations like Ireland, UK, Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal etc. Pursue a software for one or two semesters or cherry-pick courses.

Bachelor Degree:

You can get assist with bachelor diploma in many European nations like Ireland, UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary etc. Private universities throughout Europe provide stages in English. In Europe, a bachelor’s diploma is normally three years lengthy – so you keep a full 12 months of university lessons in contrast to analyzing in the US or East Asia. There is no conventional training or core curriculum. US college students are frequently required to take some AP or IB training to be commonplace into public European universities proper out of excessive school. But non-public universities and language colleges are greater relaxed.

Masters Degree:

Take Masters in Europe. Programs remaining from 6 months to two years. Masters overseas is the ideal way to spice up your CV. Most European universities provide a choice of postgraduate levels in English.

Popular countries to study in Europe

United Kingdom

England and the United Kingdom are amongst the most famous learn about overseas international locations in Europe and the world. Here you will locate some of the world’s top-ranked universities and lots of packages in English. Study in world cities like London, different huge cities like Liverpool or Manchester, or smaller cities like Bournemouth or Leicester.

The solely drawback of reading in the UK is that training charges are greater than in the relaxation of Europe, no longer least for EU college students who have to pay the identical as different worldwide college students after Brexit. Expect to pay between £10000-30500 GBP per yr in lessons fees. You generally observe to UK universities via UCAS. It can be a bit complicated.


After the UK, Ireland is the European u . s . that provides the most applications in English. Although they do not have the identical high-ranking universities as the UK, they have decrease training fees, now not least for EU college students who normally pay a scholar contribution rate of 3000 euros per year. Prices for non-EU college students at public universities normally begin at 9000 euros/year.


Germany has many high-ranking universities and they are one of the European wonderful powers. With a vicinity in the core of Europe Germany is the ideal base to discover the European continent. German is a Germanic language, simply like English, so the language is no longer so tough to study for these trained in English or different Germanic Languages.

Germany prices the equal lessons costs for all global students. Programs taught in German are nearly free. However, packages in English are normally taught by way of non-public universities the place you will have to pay a training fee, generally 6000-12000 Euros per year.


The Netherlands is any other u . s . a . with many high-ranking universities. The Dutch human beings are one of the satisfactory 2nd language English audio system in the world. EU college students typically don’t pay greater than 2000 Euro/year to learn about there, whilst worldwide college students ought to be organized for training expenses ranging from 6000-20000 Euro/year.


France is a remarkable European country, and Paris is one of the most famous cities in the world, stuffed with exquisite and fascinating structures and records anyplace you look. French meals and wine are world famous. If you revel in lifestyles and culture, France is the vacation spot for you.

If you intend to remain in France for a lengthy time, we strongly advocate that you begin by using studying French at a language school. Knowing the language makes existence so an awful lot simpler and the locals clearly respect it when you talk to them in French rather of English.

Public universities educate especially in French, with very low training expenses for all college students – typically simply a few hundred euros per year. But the application is on hand in English. For example, you can learn about International Relations or Political Science at ESPOL The European School of Political and Social Sciences in Lille for a training charge of €3115 to €9610 per year, relying on your household income, or at an undergraduate stage in English.


Spain is one of the most famous find out about overseas locations in Europe, now not least Barcelona, ​​which has it all – beaches, shopping, top notch eating places and Europe’s high-quality nightlife. Other famous learn about locations are the capital Madrid and coastal cities such as Valencia, Alicante, Malaga and Marbella. In Spain, you can take Spanish language courses, study-abroad semesters or whole tiers in Spanish or English.

Tuition prices at public universities in Spain are surprisingly low, round 1000-3500 euros per year. At personal universities and faculties the place all packages are taught in English, you ought to assume lessons costs of 10000-20000 euros per year.


Italy is every other u . s . a . that is properly recognized for its culture, history, meals and lovely nature with picturesque villages apparently rising out of the sea and into the mountainsides. Italy is a exquisite location to find out about trend and design, now not least in Milan, the trend capital of the north. However, as in France we advise that you begin your continue to be in Italy by using mastering the language. It will make existence in Italy less difficult and provide you a higher notion of ​​the charming Italian culture.


An historic culture, low value of residing and a super climate. What is there no longer to like about Greece. There are countless faculties that are thoroughly built-in into the British or American schooling system, however with Greek training fees.

Get a diploma in English in topics like business, psychology, pc science, hospitality, education, literature, or political science and global members of the family at the American College of Thessaloniki or City Unity College of Athens.


Despite being one of Europe’s smaller countries, Portugal and the Portuguese have made a huge influence on the world stage. Today, this u . s . placed on the Atlantic coast is possibly first-class regarded for their profitable soccer team. But like different southern European countries, Portugal affords a satisfied way of life with a heat local weather and exceptional food.

Hungary and Eastern Europe

Eastern European international locations such as Hungary provide many applications in English. The price of residing right here is a good deal decrease than in Western Europe.

In phrases of schooling they are excellent recognized for their clinical applications the place you can get a diploma identified in all the EU for a sensible rate of 10000-20000 euros per year. Access to clinical packages is less difficult right here than in the western world.

One of the most well-known clinical faculties in Eastern Europe is the WHO permitted University of Debrecen in Hungary. The college was once already installed in 1538 and they instruct many applications in English.


The western section of Russia, which include Moscow and St. Petersburg, additionally belongs to the European continent, even though they are no longer section of the EU or Schengen and are politically quite far-off from different European countries. However, culturally Russia is a wealthy united states of america with a charming records and many well-known writers. There is no higher way to apprehend the Russian large than to find out about the language at a Russian language school.

Scandinavian countries

The Nordic nations constantly rank very excessive for happiness and great of life. If you do not idea a lengthy winter, we can without a doubt propose going on a Scandinavian adventure. Get away from overcrowded areas and revel in dwelling shut to nature. Nordic human beings are pleasant and very properly at English. Tuition prices are reasonable, it used to be free for all, however the gadget is overloaded so now they have to cost charges for non-EU students. But EU college students can learn about right here for free. In Norway, all college students can learn about for free. However, most applications are taught solely in Norwegian, mainly at the undergraduate stage in public schools.


Switzerland is no longer a member of the European Union, however they are phase of Schengen, the place you can tour freely between 26 European countries.

Switzerland is recognized for Swiss hospitality and its world-class resort administration schools, such as B.H.M.S. Business and Hotel Management School in Lucerne.

Scholarships to learn about in Europe

Scholarships are now not as frequent in Europe as in the US or Australia, as training expenses are decrease right here – specifically for EU students. However, many international locations have country wide scholarships that worldwide college students with tested want for monetary guide can follow for.

You can observe for Dream Studies scholarships at chosen colleges in Europe. Each yr we award the following scholarships:

  • A language route scholarship well worth one thousand euros
  • Find out about overseas scholarship well worth a thousand euros
  • A degree scholarship really worth 2000 euros

The largest hazard of getting a scholarship is from the college you study. Listed right here are scholarships and reductions from the school:

  • Nordic Heritage Scholarship – ACT – American College of Thessaloniki (Expires 2024-02-23)
  • CSN and Lanekassen Student Loans – Debrecen University (deadline 2022-12-31)
  • Special Financial Aid for European Students – B.H.M.S. School of Business and Hotel Management (Duration 2023-03-24)
  • Women Scholarship for our Web Dev and Data Course – IronHack (Expire 2022-12-31)
  • AUB – Scholarships of £3000-£15000 at Arts University Bournemouth (deadline 2022-12-31)
  • 10% bargain on French guides in the South of France – Accent France Montpellier (expires 2222-12-31)
  • CSN Discount 2022 – Extend Barcelona and Madrid (Expires 2022-12-31)
  • Scholarship at De Montfort University in England (deadline 2023-02-28)
  • Get a 15% discount! – Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (deadline 2022-12-31)
  • Free CV Review for Masters Students – UK University Application Support (deadline 2022-09-30)
  • Start your language ride with a 5% discount! – Language Campus Gran Canaria (deadline 2025-12-31)
  • 5% Discount on Tuition Fees – Solemar Academy (Expires 2028-02-21)

Student visa to find out about in Europe

Students from different EU nations do now not want a visa to visit, learn about or continue to be in any other EU country. However, non-EU college students need to follow for a scholar visa to find out about at a European university. To get a scholar visa you want to exhibit proof of funding (usually at least 10,000 euros per year) and an acceptance letter from a European university. The genuine method varies between countries. You will follow for a scholar visa in the u . s . the place you will study, however you can additionally tour to different Schengen international locations if that USA is a Schengen member.

Students from nations like USA, Canada and Japan can tour to Europe/Shenzhen for three months with visa waiver. It is viable to take language publications in Europe at this time.

Working as a scholar in Europe

EU college students can work limitless in different EU countries. Other college students need to comply with the work prerequisites of their visa. Many international locations in Europe, together with the UK, enable worldwide college students to work part-time on long-term pupil visas.

Insurance to learn about in Europe

EU college students with a European Health Insurance Card have get admission to to integral healthcare at the equal value as nationals of nations reading in different EU countries. However, the card solely covers healthcare. It is obligatory for non-EU students.

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