H4 visas are commonly issued to the partner and youth (under 21 years) of the H class visa holder if they stay in the United States with their spouse.

The H4 visa holder should be financially established on the H class visa holder and be a household member. The visas that fall below the H class

Before a man or woman is granted an H4 visa, he have to go thru an interview system earlier than being accredited for it.

There are three one-of-a-kind classes of questions requested via the immigration officer in the interview. H4 visa,

questions are requested about marriage with you and your spouse. The precise H4 visa questions requested in the interview are

Answer the query correctly. In some cases, the established partner will go to the US later than the H1 visa holder. For example,

As an H4 visa holder, you will be financially established on your spouse, so for this question, your reply ought to be no.

To affirm that you and your partner are married, the immigration officer will affirm your marriage important points by means of asking you some questions