An L2 visa is a established visa issued to dependents of an L1 visa holder. Can be a based partner or single infant (below 21 years).

Applicants can practice for an L2 visa at the identical time as an L1 visa applicant or subsequently. When people follow for visa,

they go via an interview process, primarily based on the consequences of which their visa utility is approved.

The questions requested at some point of the interview are very easy and candidates want to grant correct facts to get approved.

Applicants have to take into account that all their solutions will be confirmed through the interviewer, so they ought to be sincere at some stage in the interview.

Why do you have to go to the US? Here, the interviewer needs to understand from you the cause for which you are going to the US.

Name the kind of visa that you are making use of for? Applicants have to inform the interviewer that they are making use of for a L2 visa.

The interviewer desires to comprehend whether or not you are conscious of the techniques or if any individual else helped you. In case you took any individual else's help